Wanted for the Collection  

The items below are signs we are looking to add to our collection. If you know the location of or know if one of these items are available for purchase or donation, please email us at signmuseum@srt.com.

Any great, old, roadside signage, neon or other.
Salesman sample signs, sign drawings
and artwork as used in sign shops.
Howard Johnson’s Restaurant roadside signs.
Burger Chef signs.
Old school Taco Bell sign...shaped like a bell.
Norge ball.
Old school Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket and signage.
Early McDonalds roadside signs.
Tastee-Freez ice cream stand signs.
Dairy Queen neon lighted signs and early lighted plastic signs.
Dairy Queen “Little Miss” weathervane.
Old school Kmart signs.

This is only a partial list of items, if you have anything that may be of interest, please do not hesitate to drop us an email!

  For more information, contact us at signmuseum@srt.com
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